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Training and Development

Examine the companies that are considered leading edge and you will find one characteristic in common: Training! Just as 12 years of schooling is important to prepare individuals for a job, so too is training in the corporate arena. The purpose of training is to accrue knowledge, modify behaviors, and augment skills and competencies. The proven way to conduct training is through saturation, repetition, and measurement. One time events will not sustain changed behaviors. You can expect the most advanced and innovative approaches to training when you adhere to my process.

How I can Help

WITH over 20 years in training, development, and delivery, I am able to provide the most efficient way to meet your needs. Here is a compilation of training topics and courses. The majority of these were customized for client engagements.

Scope of Experience

  • Executive Leadership Development - Systems and Processes 

  • Management and Supervisory Development

  • Guest Relations Systems and Procedures

  • Management Systems

    • Total Quality Management

    • High Performance Work Teams

    • ISO 9000 ​

    • Performance Management Systems (includes 360 Feedback)

  • Succession Planning

  • Survey Design and Analysis

  • Career Development and Mentoring

  • Organizational Diversity

  • Recruitment and Retention

  • Project Management from Planning to Termination Stages

  • Technical Problem Solving

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Training Systems

    • On the job training curriculum

    • Design and Development

    • Train-the-Trainer Program

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