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DISRUPTION is a word that has entered the corporate vernacular. The pace at which organizations are experiencing technological, societal, and economic chaos is creating high levels of employee stress and anxiety.  Can this be reversed or at least managed effectively?


The answer is "Yes".  Research indicates that one of the most important capabilities of an organization is to develop a deliberate and systematic approach to connect with internal stakeholders, i.e., associates, partners, or employees.  Whether you are undergoing a merger/acquisition, unveiling a new initiative, the most important step is how you connect with the lifeline of your business...your employees and stakeholders.

ALL engagements start with an understanding of your situation and developing a strategy and implementation plan.  Here are examples of how I have provided a "start to finish" approach for an eclectic group of organizations.

Change Initiatives

Over the past 15 years, I have served as a trusted adviser to CEOs and Executive Teams in aligning employee engagement with strategic corporate changes.  


EXAMPLE:   For one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, I was an advisor to the U.S. Operations Managing Director and his direct reports.  I convinced the leadership team to adopt an innovative, facility-wide communications method that would galvanize employees towards affecting bottom-line results. My charge was to create messaging and internal PR to engage employees in improved productivity and cost controls.  Through grassroots communications strategy, the facility was able to gain employee acceptance and avoid shutdown.

Other client examples include working with the largest battery producer in the US, partnering with a regional mortgage company in the Southeast, and consulting for one of the largest electronics company in the world.

Diversity Initiatives

As a Diversity and Multicultural Expert, I have been responsible for multiple communications strategies that aligned with specific organizational directives.


EXAMPLE:   For one of the largest Southeastern mortgage corporations, I worked closely with the CEO and Human Resources to design and implement a strategic communications plan aimed at aligning the leadership and employees towards defined diversity goals and outcomes.

This was accomplished amidst a background of contentious issues and a public image marred by discriminatory practices. Legal and compliance issues served as the catalyst to embark upon a diversity initiative.  Aiming to encompass more than legal and compliance issues, the CEO and Human Resources leadership determined the need to stimulate support around the market reasons for a diverse workforce as it impacted customer service.


Tracing the failure of past diversity initiatives to a poorly executed communications strategy, I strongly urged the CEO and HR Vice President to develop and execute a  thorough communications strategy that included an executive diversity committee with representation from employees.  Media included videos and training tapes, as well as monthly PR publications.

Subsequent publicity spurred additional client projects that included the following companies:  Springs Industries, Nutrasweet, Searle Pharmaceutical, Monsanto Chemical Co., and Motorola (modem division).

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